Who has a munchkin who doesn’t like veggies? I DO! Kyleigh has a terrible diet, (everything is organic and gluten free; plus everything else she isn’t supposed to have) Texture bothers her so much that it makes getting “good” food into her system hard. Especially greens; veggies; etc. Jokes on her; I have found the amazing way to get her to have her greens, as her momma that helps me feel a little better knowing she’s getting a well-rounded diet, even if it happens to be in popsicle form.

What you’ll need:
popsicle mold
1 cup fruit – ((she loves strawberries, “booyum” (blueberries) banana I’ve used cherries too ))
1/2 scoop greens
1 cup water; give or take for texture or Ripple Milk

mix it all up in the blender
pour into mold
freezer 2-4 hours

The greens include – (Alfalfa Grass, Astragalus, Barley Grass, Bitter Melon, Chlorella Cracked Cell, Gotu Kola, Kale, Spirulina, Oat Grass, and Wheat Grass.) This booster delivers a massive dose of antioxidants, improves nutritional intake and lowers acidity levels in body to create a more balanced pH. It also delivers 3 grams of greens and 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving.


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